Holmium Laser In Urology Application Workshop

Location : ShangHai ZhongShan Hospital

Professor: Dr. Wang GuoMin       ShangHai ZhongShan Hospital

Dr. Anshuman Agarwal        India

Dr. Fu FaJun                       Changsha Center Hospital

Dr. Shen                              ZheJiang University Hospital

Dr. Guo JianMin                   ShangHai ZhongShan Hospital

More than 25 doctors attend the workshop .From 6 provinces.This workshop intend to test the Accu-Tech H2G (80W) model holmium laser use for HOLEP and Flexible scope stone .

This workshop total finished three cases operations Which use Accu-Tech holmium laser .Two cases HOLEP and one case Flexible scope stone. The operation information as follow .


Operation Information
No Operation Size Operator Operation time Holmium laser parameter
1 HOLEP(Prostate) 140g Dr. Anshuman Agarwal 45 Minutes 60W (24HZ,2.5J)
2 HOLEP(Prostate) 70g Dr. Anshuman Agarwal 30 Minutes 60W (24HZ,2.5J)
3 Flexible scope stone 3.5cm Dr. Fu FaJun 65 Minutes 12.8W (16HZ,0.8J)




Dr. Anshuman Agarwal said Accu-Tech H2G holmium laser use for HOLEP is very effective and easy charged ,Accu-Tech have better hemostasis effect . Accu-Tech holmium laser only use 60w can reach to Lumenis 100w holmium laser effect for HOLEP operation . The new technology is coming and more and more hospital will can do HOLEP .

The patient only need stay in the hospital no more than 36 hours after operation . Almost no blood in the surgery .Temporary incontinence states < 5% , Usually no more than 2 month can be recovered .

Dr. Fu FaJun said use Accu-Tech H2G holmium laser with Accu-Tech C model 273um fiber for flexible scope stone is very fast . Compare with PCN the flexible scope operation is more safety . Accu-Tech holmium laser can compare with Lumenis 100 W holmium laser .

Communication :

1. Dr. Anshuman Agarwal introduce the HOLEP operation in India .



Now more and more patient accept the HOLEP than TURP .Recover quickly and No obturator nerve reflex . More safety and faster . Especially do the large size prostate .

2. Keep moving and Keep Shotting is the feature. So the laser need continue working .



Most brands holmium laser have over temperature problem .But Accu-Tech new 80w design laser machine can continue working more than 2 hours and no stop .
3. Dr. Fu FaJun introduce how let the flexible scope use more times



In fact Dr. Fu use Olympus flexible scope more than 350 case operation . Usually one flexible scope can use more than 200 times do not need repair . His experience is:

Use Cook flexible sheath ,Building the channel first .

Use the bast especially for the lower renal calyces.

The laser no more than 15W .

The flexible need lying flat when inside the fiber .



Result :

Accu-Tech holmium laser use for HOLEP especially use big size prostate is very effective , No blooding ,No stop (over temperature). 60w can similar Lumenis 100W .



Accu-Tech Holmium laser use for flexible scope stone is fast , good at break the stone .

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