Accu-Tech Attend the VUNA 2014 VUNA –The Vietnam Urology & Nephrology Association

The Vietnam Urology & Nephrology Association (VUNA) 2014 was held on 6th August, 2014 in Quang Binh in Middle of Vietnam. 1000 urologist from 5 countries attended this conference. Accu-Tech as the golden sponsor of this conference invited the experts from China to do the operation demonstrations, and also Accu-Tech is the only laser manufacturer that did the demonstrations of urology calculi surgery.


Pro. Fu Fajun from China did three operation demonstrations, as one case is stones in the central section of the ureter, one case is upper ureteral stricture stones and the third one is much more complicated of pelvis lower calices 3cm casting-mold stone also with 5cm upper and central section of ureter stone street. Chairman of Vietnam Urology Association-Pro. Vu Le Chuyen and vice Chairman Pro. Vu Nguyen Khai Ca were comment on the live surgery.


After three year’s academic promotion in Vietnam, Accu-Tech has the largest market share among brands of Holmium laser at present. Over 50 hospitals are using Accu-Tech Holmium laser, many business models and local after-sale services was already well established. Accu-Tech will, as always, continue to promote by academic activities, close to customers, focus on the academic exchange and personnel training. Accu-Tech will continue to support the development of Vietnam Urology, promote the applications and development of PCNL, RURS and HoLEP technology.


Accu-Tech experts also visited Viet Duc Hospital and Vietnam France Friendship Hospital which both are the users of Accu-Tech laser, they had in-depth exchange with Vietnam experts.


Experts team visited Viet Duc Hospital, they discussed about the PCNL and RURS

with Pro. Vu Nguyen Khai Ca

Pro. Le Si Trung was doing the surgery using Accu-Tech Holmium laser when experts team visited the Vietnam France Friendship Hospital

Pro. Fu FaJun used Accu-Tech Holmium laser do demonstration on the VUNA .

Chairman of Vietnam Urology Association- Pro. Vu Le Chuyen introduced ACCU-TECH DESKTOP HOLMIUM LASER and discussed the patient status in the operation room .

Beach in Quang Binh Vietnam.


Vietnam indeed is a beautiful country and its people are very affectionate and loving.

VUNA 2015 will be held in August 2015 in Nha Trang- a more beautiful city. Welcome to Nha Trang!

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